Saturday, April 8, 2017

Critical Reflection

Career & Professional Development II module has officially come to an end. Now, it is time to look back and reflect on our 13 weeks journey. 

Throughout these 13 weeks of Career & Professional Development classes, I have grown a lot in terms of my writing and interpersonal skills. Through the blog posts, I was able to express my thoughts and feelings, and at the same time, receive constructive feedback from both Brad and classmates on how to improve. Also, the constant sharing of thoughts in class and mock presentations have prepared me for my final presentation. From being jittery in front of a crowd, I gained more confidence and managed to maintain eye contact when presenting.

As always, it has been a joy working with Hazel and Jenson. Having previously worked on many video filming and projects together, our teamwork was impeccable. As the three of us are from the MICE specialization, the video concept was easily conceived as it was a topic that is most relevant to us. Filming the video was a fun experience as we could showcase both the serious and funny sides of us. In our video, we managed to showcase several aspects of the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument; collaborating, compromising and also competing. Applying these concepts in our project certainly helped me to reinforce my memory on what I have learned in class.  

All these communication skills have better equipped me for my upcoming IWSP internship. Not forgetting what I have learned in class, I would be able apply my knowledge into practical use. In addition, our video further reinforced how I should behave in order to ace as a MICE professional, as I would then be interning at a MICE company.

With that, thank you Brad for your teachings! I certainly learned a lot from you! 

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  1. Dear Sze Min,

    Thank you for this broadly focused, finely detailed, and heartfelt reflection on the CPDII module. I’m happy that you found our module useful in so many ways.

    It warms my heart, in particular, that you feel you gained so much from the project work/presentation you did with your excellent team and also that the blogging was something you felt positive about. Of course, I hope you can transfer some of the skills and know-how learned or polished in our module to your future study and the workplace.

    I also especially appreciate your many contributions to the class during the term; and I'm thankful that you and your teammates were so willing to assist in planning and delivering the presentation showcase. Great job!

    Finally, you always brought a warm smile and positive energy to the activities assigned in class. Having accommodating students makes teaching/mentoring a pleasure.

    All the best as you continue your learning journey!